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In South Africa, storytelling is a fundamental part of every culture of this rainbow nation and it is impossible to grow up not loving a good story. Particularly real stories of real people told in vivid colors, with all the senses alive and imaginations running wild. Exaggeration would come into itís own with every story told and the audience would hang onto every word, fascinated by every smell, intrigued by every sound, amused by every hand gesture that gives each story its own color.
That is what my paintings are about. It is just a story in color. A fleeting moment in time caught in color and portrayed as a reflection of reality. It might not even be an important moment, but it is surely an exaggerated one. Reality has no place in telling a story. Not for me. I only wish to suggest a reality by allowing anyone, who looks at my paintings, to be fascinated by the smells, intrigued by the sounds, amused by the gestures coming from it and through that, find his own moment in time, tell his own story...

I was born in South Africa.
After completing my degree in biological sciences at university, I entered the world of fashion, obtaining my diploma at the Joeline fashion academy. With the birth of our daughter and the second one two years later, I quit the demanding fashion scene. Since then, I have moved with my family to the UK, on to France, then off to the United States and back to France. My art has always traveled with us and has grown along with me on this path with all its unexpected and exciting, not to mention difficult, turns.
We have now settled permanently in the Loire valley in France, where I am fortunate to have my own gallery only a few feet away from my studio, overlooking the beautiful Loire river. Our daughters are all grown-up and eagerly taking on their futures. This allows me to devote my time entirely to what I have always loved doing.
Without formal training, but a lot of perseverance and hopefully enough courage, I am setting foot now in the equally demanding, if not critical, realm of the arts, where only my love and passion for painting are carrying me forward.

Although we live in France, we will always be South African at heart and I will always carry along the warmth and richness of the climate and the people and express it in my paintings.